Dec 20, 2003

New Release from DAVE FIELDING

Dave Fielding, one of the guitarrists of The Chameleons, releases a limited EP under the name of DF118. The EP is called Dragonfly´s and Butterfly´s and this is the track list:

Betrayal (Glastonbury Mix)
Stone (Hamburg Mix)
Bosnia (Middleton Mix)
Snooker Hooligan (Rochdale Mix)

It can only be purchased directly from the artist himself. The first two songs are new, but the rest of them belong to when he was in The Reegs, and they have been re-created for this occassion.

Betrayal, opens the EP with jungle ambience meanwhile Stone has hypnotic-trance rythms with a little aftertaste of Kraftwerk. The instrumental version of Bosnia explores calmer soundscapes, and Snooker Hooligan is the only rock song, with electric guitars. A work that escapes from the past and explores new ways of creating music for this artist.

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