Apr 15, 2008

SOTB 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition

The 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition of Script Of the Bridge, which includes in a 2nd Disc a Live Performance in Bremen 1983, has been finally released on April 2008 by Blue Apple Music.

This is the Track List:

Disc: 1 (Remastered)
01. Don’t Fall
02. Here Today
03. Monkeyland
04. Second Skin
05. Up The Down Escalator
06. Less Than Human
07. Pleasure and Pain
08. Thursday’s Child
09. As High As You Can Go
10. A Person Isn’t Safe Anywhere These Days
11. Paper Tigers
12. View From A Hill

Disc: 2 (Live 1983)
01. In Shreds (previously unreleased version)
02. Dear Dead Days (previously unreleased version)
03. Things I Wish I’d Said (previously unreleased version)
04. Don’t Fall (live, Bremen 1983)
05. Here Today (live, Bremen 1983)
06. Thursday’s Child (live, Bremen 1983)
07. A Person Isn’t Safe Anywhere These Days (live, Bremen 1983)
08. Less Than Human (live, Bremen 1983)
09. Pleasure and Pain (live, Bremen 1983)
10. Second Skin (live, Bremen 1983)
11. Paper Tigers (live, Bremen 1983)
12. Monkeyland (live, Bremen 1983)
13. Singing Rule Britannia (live, Bremen 1983)
14. Up The Down Escalator (live, Bremen 1983)
15. View From A Hill (live, Bremen 1983)

Apr 1, 2008


Fantastic news for all the SUN & MOON fans. April 2008 sees the reunion of three of the four original members for a set of acoustic gigs. Mark Burgess, Andy Clegg & Andy Whitaker join hands again and the magic will surely flow...

Dates and Venues:

- 20 April with a short set at The Legendary Manchester Busker 20th Anniversary night (1)

-14 May at the Retro Bar in Manchester

-16 The LGM Music Venue, Earlestown (between Manchester and Liverpool)

For a couple of videos (Picture of England and Arabs&Americans) of S&M playing Live at LMB, please visit the The Legendary Manchester Busker Web Site.

Unluckily John Lever will not be able to join them so Achim Faerber will be playing drums. Is it possible the future will bring new compositions by these great artist working together again? Who knows...

Stefan, a fan from The Chameleons UK and related projects informed us that on the following link there are available in mp3 format the Manchester Radio Online Sessions of The Sun and The Moon.