Jul 21, 2013

New remastered 2013 Chameleons albums

Two new remastered editions of Chameleons albums are now available through Blue Apple Music label:

One of the albums is Why Call It Anything, the latest studio album from the Chameleons, originally released in 2001.

The release of 2013 includes a new cover by Reg Smithies and a second CD including live tracks from the concert at the Manchester Academy  in 2001, which were originally released in the Live At The Academy album, which is no longer available.

This is the full track list of this remastered edition:

1. Shades

2. Anyone Alive?
3. Indiana
4. Lufthansa
5. Truth Isn't Truth Anymore
6. All Around
7. Dangerous Land
8. Music In The Womb
9. Miracles and Wonders
10. Are You Still There?


1. A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days

2. Perfume Garden
3. Anyone Alive?
4. Indiana
5. Caution
6. Swamp Thing
7. Lufthansa
8. Dangerous Land
9. Up The Down Escalator
10. Miracles and Wonders
13.Second Skin 

The second remastered edition corresponds to a collection of rare recordings Dreams In Celluloid, which originally appeared on the compilation albums The Fan and the Bellows and Dali´s Picture.  

Furthermore, this new comp├Člation includes as a second CD the songs from the rare Tony Fletcher Walked on Water EP, originally recorded in 1987 for what would have been the follow up of Strange Times and which never came to life because of the split of the band on that year. This EP was also included in the Return of the Roughnecks compilation (also unavailable now).
The cover from Dreams in Celluloid is an art by Dave Fielding which was originally used for the Singing Rule Britannia single.

This is the full track list of this compilation:


1. The Fan and The Bellows

2. Dali’s Picture
3. Everyday I’m Crucified
4. Looking Inwardly
5. Nostalgia
6. Turn To Vices
7. Love Is
8. Nathan’s Phase
9. Dreams In Celluloid
10. Things I Wish I’d Said
11. Less Than Human
12. In Shreds
13. Prisoners of the Sun


1. Is It Any Wonder

2. Free For All
3. The Healer
4. Denims And Curls 

According to Blue Apple Music, both albums have been released with full support by all members of the band.
If you are interested on these albums, please visit:

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