Jul 26, 2013


This is the new Chameleonsvox T-Shirt design to promote their forthcoming album, whose working title is Eden and The End of World. This T-Shirt can be found on the merchandise corner in Chameleonsvox shows. 

The album was initially planned for April 2013, but it seems there will be some delay. On the ChamVOX official web, it is simply mentioned  it will be released during 2013.
Mark Burgess confirmed us on the spanish tour of 2012 the album artwork would be done by John Lever. So, the picture above is a hint about how it would look like ;)

Meanwhile we wait for the new album, you can listen to the BBC Radio Session of HEAVEN , a new song which will appear on the new album. This version is not the final one appearing on it, but no one can deny it already has the force, epic and atmosphere of the classic Chameleons songs. Who would say by listening to this marvelous song that 26 years have passed since Strange Times album was released! Not me!

Many thanks to John Lever, Mark Burgess, Tony Skinkis and the rest of the band for making this possible.



  1. I'm trying to figure out the negative picture whether it's a bat or not. Where are the lyric sheet to heaven. -Number6

  2. Where's the Eden album??? It's already mid 2014!

  3. It's 2017 and I'm looking for the EDEN album,is it out already?????