Oct 28, 2011

The SUN & The MOON: Rare & Unreleased Recordings

Andy Clegg (Music for Aborigines, The Sun & The Moon, Weaveworld) has announced the release through his Record Label Going Nowhere Records some Rare and Unreleased Recordings from The SUN & The MOON era.

They have been released as cd-r copies from the master recordings

Rough Sketches Vol I

1.The Speed of Life 2.Death of Imagination 3.A Matter of Conscience 4.Peace in our Time 5.House on Fire 6.Price of Grain 7.Limboland 8. A Picture of England 9. This Passionate Breed 10.What Do Angels Look Like 11. I Love You, You Bastard 12.The Chills 13. The Healer

Rough Sketches Vol II

1.What Do Angels Look Like 2.Kaptain kool 3.(The End of) Death of Imagination 4. The Speed of Life 5.Peace in our Time 6. A Matter of Conscience 7.Dolphin 8.House on Fire 9.The Price of Grain 10.Limboland 11.A Picture of England 12. The Chills 13.Interview

If you want to order any of these CDs, just write an email to Andy to the following email address: gnrecords@gmail.com

More info in this Facebook link.

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