Oct 22, 2011

ChameleonsVOX Tour Dates & SOTB Live Performances

This is an update of the ChameleonsVOX live dates for the USA & UK Tour for November and December 2011. More info about tickets on ChameleonsVOX Web Site new dates in November for their US Tour:


Nov 11th - Austin TX - Elyseum
Nov 12th - Dallas TX - Trees
Nov 13th - Albuquerque NM - Burt’s Tikki Bar (To be confirmed)
Nov 14th - Phoenix AR - The Rythm Room
Nov 15th - Los Angeles CA - The Troubadour
Nov 16th - Oakland CA- The New Parish *
Nov 17th - San Francisco CA - Cafe du Nord
Nov 20th - Chicago ILL - Bottom Lounge
Nov 21th - Rochester NY - Water Street Music Hall
Nov 22th - Boston MA - TT The Bears
Nov 23rd - Manhattan - Home Sweet Home *
Nov 25th - Brooklyn NY - Littlefield
Nov 26th - Manhattan NY - Delancey’s
Nov 27th - Hoboken NJ - Maxwell’s
Nov 28th - Washington DC - The Black Cat
Nov 30th - Atlanta GA - The Shelter

Nov 5th - Whitby Goth Weekend
Dec 12th - London - Dingwalls
Dec 22th - Manchester - Ruby Lounge *

* Special Live performance of Chameleons´ debut album: The Script of the Bridge

It won´t be the same as watching the original band playing together, but it will be for sure a unique opportinity to listen to good these old tunes being played live. So, enjoy!

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  1. I had an absolutely amazing experience with these fellows in Rochester. Mark and myself had corresponded online and I helped promote the show. The show wasn't automatically booked, as some sites/people would have it. Rochester's venues were booked totally that night. The local promoters told me that it looked unlikely that they could find a spot. I still have the emails, btw. If they're local, force them to another night. This outfit is a big deal coming through here, I said. It went back and forth for a bit. Mark eventually confirmed that they'd play Rochester. As a token of his appreciation, he let me meet the crew after the show. We spoke of everything and anything, even had tea. A polite and generous bunch of gentlemen, sharing food and making sure I was comfortable. It was sad to leave when I had to. I just can't stress enough how wonderful they are though. Kudos.