Apr 30, 2011

Other Musics: TOUNDRA

It´s about time we dedicated a post to one of the best but (yet) unknown rock spanish bands. They are called TOUNDRA and they have released two albums of Instrumental Rock.

They have been described as a Post-Rock band, and although we do not like to use labels. TOUNDRA are really skilled in combining a powerful sound with beatiful atmospheres. If you have heard the most powerful songs of Porcupine Tree, you could have an idea of what this band is about.

The truth is that we cannot stop listening to their 2nd album called simply (II). We are in love of these marvelous architects of sound, who are able to build such powerful soundscapes.

If you haven´t listened to their music yet, just take a look at this video of Zanzíbar, one of the finest songs included in their 2nd album:

Youtube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFgeVROsqnU

If you want to listen to more songs from Toundra, just go to the Online Player of Aloud Music, their Record Label:


Aloud Music even allows legal free downloads, because they know the first and most important thing is to promote their bands.

Legal download from Aloud Music - "(II)" by Toundra:

Nevertheless, as Aloud Music states on their Web Site, they NEED to SELL CDs, so if you really like TOUNDRA music, please support the band and their record label, by ordering it directly on their Online Store.

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