Oct 1, 2010

ChameleonsVOX in KEXP 90.3FM

Seattle KEXP Radio has published on their Web Site a Live Session Mark Burgess, with full band under the name of ChameleonsVOX, performed last September, during the US Tour.

On this Live Session, the following classic Chameleons songs were played:

In Answer
In Shreds
Up The Down Escalator

ChameleonsVOX for US Tour Line-up:
Mark Burgess - Vox
Justin Lomery - Guitar
Andru Aesthetik - Guitar
Jessica Espeleta - Bass
Glenn Maryansky - Drums

You can listen to the full performance on the following link:


The performance was also recorded in video and are available in Youtube videos:

Stills of this KEXP Session were taken by Jackie Canchola. They are available on this link:

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