Jun 26, 2002

Live Album from MarkBurgess & Yves Altana

Recently it has been released a new Live CD of Mark Burgess & Yves Altana called Paradyning Live In Frankfurt '96 and it contains the following songs from the previous studio work Paradyning:

1. Sin
2. Silver
3. Money Won't Save Your Soul
4. You Opened My Mind (And The Acid Kicked In)
5. Always Want
6. Home Is Where The Heart Is
7. Inhaling
8. World Without End
9. This Passionate Breed
10. Hi Joe 11.
Is It Any Wonder

Home Is Where The Heart Is and Is It Any Wonder belong to The Chamelons era, and This Passionate Breed to The Sun And The Moon; the rest of the songs are from the Paradyning album from Mark Burgess & Yves Altana.

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