May 2, 2012

New Retrospective album from THE CHRYSALIDS

Hot news directly received from Yves Altana: New Retrospective album "Neither Love Nor Money" from his band The Chrysalids, to be released on August the 6th 2012.

This retrospective also contains the re-recording of 5 songs. On the following link you can listen to Shrine, one of the tracks which ash been re-recorded
This is the Track List and Press release, Yves has forwarded to us:
ALBUM NAME :Neither Love Nor Money
1. When There Are No Stars In The Sky
2. My Heart Is Where My Home Is
3. Home Grown Garden Boy
4. Shrine
5. Too Lucky To Listen
6. Half The Distance
7. Canute’s Last Wave
8. Days Like These
9. Tell My Story
10. Just Like Stingray
11. I Am My Mirror
12. Mad Professor
13. Don’t Wait At The Gates For Me
14. Spoil The Child
15. Before I Stop, Let Me Start

The Chrysalids
 In South Manchester throughout 1989 two groups routinely rehearsed in adjacent rehearsal rooms, exchanging nods of acknowledgement like polite neighbours with nothing much to say to each other. One of these groups would soon become known to the world, whilst the other was to soon retire from it - Manchester, and the world, was about to go Mad.

The Chrysalids were brought to the cusp of being by indie pop crooner, John Wood, (late of C86's One Thousand Violins) and Corsican maverick musician, Yves Altana, who had taken refuge in the city where many of their strongest musical affinities had originated. However, in 1989 expressive singing was soon to become drowned out by a chemicalized Madchester monotone, and songwriters who felt that they could pull anything out from pop's lustrous historical bag were to be largely overlooked in favour of the merely 'baggy'.
The Chrysalids had accumulated a repertoire of pop mastery and emotional intensity, but they were 'down' just as the rest of the world around them was 'up'. Their songs were a testimony to those who felt apart from the world, not a part of it.

The final mastering of The Chrysalids' retrospective album 'Neither Love Nor Money' one week prior to the announcement of The Stone Roses reunion sees The Chrysalids finally come fully into the world - not so much as the "resurrection" but as the life. Now, more than 20 years since the songs on this album took their first breath (and featuring four entirely new recordings) 'Neither Love Nor Money' is no fossilised pop pupa but, rather, brings The Chrysalids to us as the unbroken butterfly of 2012.
If you need more information about Yves Altana and his projects, just take a look at the following links: 
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