Feb 9, 2012

The Chameleons in 80´s Catalonian TV Programme

This is not really "new". In fact, this is old, very old news, but it´s very interesting:

There was in the 80´s a Catalonian TV (TV3) Programme about music called ARSENAL. One of the Broadcasts (Porgramme number 10) was dedicated to The Chameleons, where the fans from that time could enjoy some excerpts from a gig in Barcelona, an interview to Mark and John, and some reviews from a Catalonian Journalist (Guillem Castaño), discussing how important The Chameleons was for him.

That TV3 Broadcast is available through the following Dailymotion video:

Arsenal 10: Temps estranys, The Chameleons por manuelhuerga

The link to the ARSENAL Web Site, where this broadcast appears is:

Thanks a lot for this to Daniel

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