Aug 4, 2011


Yves Altana, talented multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer and producer, who worked in the past with Mark Burgess in different projects/bands (Mark Burgess&Yves Altana, Invincible, Bird) is setting up a new band based in Manchester. Although this new project hasn´t got a name yet, we hope to be able to listen soon to the new compositions of this great artist.

During last year Yves has been touring with
I am Kloot, and he also has been composing the soundtrack for the game Hydrophobia.

He also worked as engineer/producer of
Gabrielle´s Wish.

Yves was contacted by Mark Burgess some time ago to join him on his Chameleons covers band
ChameleonsVOX, but he kindly declined the offer as he was more interested in challenging new projects.

You can follow Yves on Facebook with the following profiles:
Yves Altana, Wonky Alice. Wonky Alice is an early 90´s alternative/indie manchester band in which Yves played guitars.

You can also listen to some songs froms his past projects on the following myspace links:

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