Jun 20, 2009

THE REEGS Definitive Compilation

The Reegs will release this summer a definitive compilation with all their tracks from their previous albums ‘Return of the Sea Monkeys’ and ‘Rock The Magic Rock’ plus b-sides and alternative versions. Artwork by Reg Smithies.

This is a good oportunity to have all their discography if you weren´t able to buy their previous albums and singles.

The double CD contains 29 tracks and can be ordered through Blue Apple Music or Red Sun Records:

Disc 1
01. See My Friends
02. Is There A Mother-In-Law In The Club
03. Savage Garden
04. Chorus Of The Lost
05. Pond Life
06. Start To See
07. These Days
08. Turn It Up
09. All Tomorrows Parties
10. Jesus Came To Manchester
11. Snooker Hooligan
12. In Disbelief
13. Oil And Water
14. As You Leave
15. Out Of Body Experience

Disc 2
01. JJ180
02. Blind Denial
03. Goodbye World
04. The Dream Police
05. The Nasty Side
06. The Dolphins Enemy
07. In Disbelief (Radio Session)
08. Oil And Water (Radio Session)
09. Running To A Standstill
10. The Nasty Side Instrumental
11. You Told Me Before
12. Bosnia 2009
13. Subject To Status
14. The Last Time

The Reegs were formed by guitarrists Dave Fielding and Reg Smithies after the first demise of The Chameleons in 1987, with the aim to explore new sounds. They recruited Gary Lavery and decided to have a drum machine instead of a real drummer. Their first release is a version of The Kinks´ See My Friends edited in a tribute compilation to this band and as a curiosity, it features Reg Smithies singing.

The band was named after an Alien race which appear in the book Now Wait for Last Year by Sci-Fi writer Philip K. Dick, the author of works like Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Blade Runner), Minority Report, Total Recall and Paycheck.

More info on The Reegs Myspace.

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