Mar 23, 2014


These are the up-to-date confirmed live dates for Chameleonsvox for 2014:

30-04-2014 - Sala Noise - Valencia
01-05-2014 - Sala Arena - Madrid
02-05-2014 - Sala Apolo - Barcelona
03-05-2014 – Rockstore – Montpellier
06-05-2014 – La Maroquinerie - Paris
08-05-2014 - Spazio 211 - Torino
09-05-2014 - Velvet - Rimini
10-05-2014 - Mattatoio - Carpi
11-05-2014 - The Docks - Lausanne
13-05-2014 - Het Depot - Leuven
15-05-2014 - The Garage - London
16-05-2014 - Concorde 2 - Brighton
17-05-2014 - Forum - Tunbridge Wells
18-05-2014 - Leicester Academy - Leicester
19-05-2014 - Sub 89 - Reading
20-05-2014 - The Globe - Cardiff
21-05-2014 - The Assembly - Leamington Spa
22-05-2014 - Newcastle Academy - Newcastle
23-05-2014 - The Duchess - York
24-05-2014 - Academy - Manchester
25-05-2014 - The Brudenell - Leeds
26-05-2014 - Fruit - Hull
27-05-2014 - Broadcast - Glasgow

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Dec 6, 2013


Meanwhile the new Chameleonsvox new album is being finished, an EP with 3 new tracks + 1 Beatles cover will be released on November 2013.

According to Chameleonsvox official web site, The EP, a strictly Ltd and number edition,  will be titled M + D =1(8), and this is the Track List: Sycophants, Heaven, Feel The Need and Across The Universe. Pre-orders for the CD will be taken once delivery and release dates have been confirmed. Please contact for more information.

Update Dec 2013: An official video of song Sycophants is already available in Youtube. Enjoy!

Jul 26, 2013


This is the new Chameleonsvox T-Shirt design to promote their forthcoming album, whose working title is Eden and The End of World. This T-Shirt can be found on the merchandise corner in Chameleonsvox shows. 

The album was initially planned for April 2013, but it seems there will be some delay. On the ChamVOX official web, it is simply mentioned  it will be released during 2013.
Mark Burgess confirmed us on the spanish tour of 2012 the album artwork would be done by John Lever. So, the picture above is a hint about how it would look like ;)

Meanwhile we wait for the new album, you can listen to the BBC Radio Session of HEAVEN , a new song which will appear on the new album. This version is not the final one appearing on it, but no one can deny it already has the force, epic and atmosphere of the classic Chameleons songs. Who would say by listening to this marvelous song that 26 years have passed since Strange Times album was released! Not me!

Many thanks to John Lever, Mark Burgess, Tony Skinkis and the rest of the band for making this possible.


Jul 25, 2013

CHAMELEONSVOX live dates 2013

These are the up-to-date confirmed live dates for Chameleonsvox for the rest of 2013:

16-08-2013 @The Ruby Lounge-Manchester
Note: semiacoustic set feat. Andy Whitaker and Andy Clegg from The Sun And The Moon

23-08-2013 @Festas de Corroios-Portugal (near Lisbon-free event)
07-09-2013 @Fulford Arms-York
Note: semiacoustic set feat. Andy Whitaker and Andy Clegg from The Sun And The Moon

15-11-2013 @Sputnik Halle-Munster
16-11-2013 @Blue Shell Club-Köln
17-11-2013 @Bi Nuu im Schlesischen Tor-Berlin
19-11-2013 @Das Bett-Frankfurt
29-11-2013 @Cyprus Avenue-Cork
30-11-2013 @Whelan’s-Dublin
08-12-2013 @Assembly Rooms-London

11-12-2013 @Lo-Fi-Milan
12-12-2013 @Traffic-Rome
13-12-2013 @Covo-Bologna
14-12-2013 @Extenzia-Prato
21-12-2013 @The Ritz-Manchester 

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Jul 21, 2013

New remastered 2013 Chameleons albums

Two new remastered editions of Chameleons albums are now available through Blue Apple Music label:

One of the albums is Why Call It Anything, the latest studio album from the Chameleons, originally released in 2001.

The release of 2013 includes a new cover by Reg Smithies and a second CD including live tracks from the concert at the Manchester Academy  in 2001, which were originally released in the Live At The Academy album, which is no longer available.

This is the full track list of this remastered edition:

1. Shades

2. Anyone Alive?
3. Indiana
4. Lufthansa
5. Truth Isn't Truth Anymore
6. All Around
7. Dangerous Land
8. Music In The Womb
9. Miracles and Wonders
10. Are You Still There?


1. A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days

2. Perfume Garden
3. Anyone Alive?
4. Indiana
5. Caution
6. Swamp Thing
7. Lufthansa
8. Dangerous Land
9. Up The Down Escalator
10. Miracles and Wonders
13.Second Skin 

The second remastered edition corresponds to a collection of rare recordings Dreams In Celluloid, which originally appeared on the compilation albums The Fan and the Bellows and Dali´s Picture.  

Furthermore, this new compìlation includes as a second CD the songs from the rare Tony Fletcher Walked on Water EP, originally recorded in 1987 for what would have been the follow up of Strange Times and which never came to life because of the split of the band on that year. This EP was also included in the Return of the Roughnecks compilation (also unavailable now).
The cover from Dreams in Celluloid is an art by Dave Fielding which was originally used for the Singing Rule Britannia single.

This is the full track list of this compilation:


1. The Fan and The Bellows

2. Dali’s Picture
3. Everyday I’m Crucified
4. Looking Inwardly
5. Nostalgia
6. Turn To Vices
7. Love Is
8. Nathan’s Phase
9. Dreams In Celluloid
10. Things I Wish I’d Said
11. Less Than Human
12. In Shreds
13. Prisoners of the Sun


1. Is It Any Wonder

2. Free For All
3. The Healer
4. Denims And Curls 

According to Blue Apple Music, both albums have been released with full support by all members of the band.
If you are interested on these albums, please visit:

Jan 25, 2013

Andy Whitaker & Andy Clegg Live in Middleton

For all the Chameleons and related bands out there: 
Next 7th February Andy Whitaker & Addy Clegg (Music for Aborigines, The Sun & The Moon, Weaveworld) will be playing live in Middleton to promote the Andy Whit´s latest album Things that Happened on Earth.
Don´t miss it, if you have the opportunity to attend this show. More info on the following Facebook Event:

Some Youtube videos from 2 songs from Andy Whit´s latest album:

Nov 29, 2012


CONVERGENCE, the new THE SUN AND THE MOON Ep has been recently released in a limited edition, containing 4 re-recorded classic songs:

1-Arabs and Americans
2-Death of Imagination

Due to the fact the original recordings are not available from Geffen, original members of the band (Andy Clegg, Andy Whitaker, Mark Burgess & John Lever) have decided to record again some of their classic stuff, and make it available for the fans.

How to get Convergence EP:

  • In the Merchandising Corner of Chameleonsvox Tour (currently available)
  • Contacting Andy Clegg in the following email address:  Note:Not in stock yet, but preorders can be made.
As per Mark´s inner sleeve notes, this will probably be the first of a few EPs of the same nature, so it´s likely in the near future we will see almost all the songs of THE SUN AND THE MOON being re-recorded.

This is a transcription of Mark inner sleeve notes:

"So The Sun And The Moon converge again to revisit and to some extent rediscover some of the songs we wrote together some years back.

As one of the writers and the lead singer of the band, I said some pretty unfair and uncalled for things about the original record back in the day. I wasn´t in a very good place in my head while we were doing it, or for quite a while after. This time I was in a better place and what began as a re-recording of a single song  for a Manchester benefit record became something else. This will probably be the first of a few EPs of this nature and I found the experience to be much more enjoyable this time around, and while they may lack some of the charm of the original recordings, and while the originals have the benefit of having been recorded in the mighty Cargo Studios in Rochdale, I do personally prefer these and had a better time doing it.

For one thing there wasn´t any pressure. Back then the two Andys were in the shadow of a couple of other guitar players I´d been working with, who even at that early stage were carving out a bit of a legend. While I understood to a certain extent, I felt at the time that the comparisons were unfair. While Andy Clegg and Andy Whitaker had developed their own slant on two-guitar-interaction, they´s done so completely independently over a long period of time and had established a style of their own; and what they did with that style, and what they wrote, was a different approach entirely. I also felt the pressure of the "okay, let´s see what he can do without the other two" mentality, while my divorce from them was still very, very wet. I like to think I rose to the occasion and, contrary to what some people may believe, The Sun And The Moon actually did hold its own. The EP "Alive; not Dead" containing the song Arabs And Americans, which is also featured here, actually charted, thereby equalling the othher lot at their best. The other lot held the all time attendance record at Manchester´s International, while this band held the same at the International 2. Over the years though this music has proved a little harder to keep in circulation than theirs. The original recordings have been unavailable for far too long with no singn that changing, so rather than take on the owners of these recordings in lengthy boring negotiation, we just decided we´d do some of them again. After all, if we wanted to jump through hoops, we´d have been athletes, not musicians.

So here is the beginning of the process. "Convergence I". We hope you enjoy it and that it will make you eager for more. Yeah it´s a bit dear for a four track EP I suppose, but everythings is these days."

Nov 25, 2012

CHAMELEONSVOX Live in Donosti 2012

Mark Burgess and John Lever arrived in Donosti, with the rest of the band on 24th Nov 2012.  It´s been now over a decade that they visited the Basque Country with the original band The Chameleons. Now, it´s ChameleonsVOX, without the presence of Dave Fielding and Reg Smithies, the band who performed a Live Show in Donosti at Intxaurrondoko Kultur Etxea, revisiting the classic songs of The Chameleons.
Mark, as in previous gigs with ChameleonsVOX, has taken again the bass guitar. The sound, in general was quite good, although Mark was not at his best with his voice. Nevertheless, that didn´t prevented the fans from enjoying a fantastic show, remembering all those classic tunes, which were performed with respect and very close to the original guitar sounds of the Smithies-Fielding tandem.

The audience was eager for listening to Chameleons songs, and good vibrations floated during all the show in the venue. The band felt comfortable on stage.

This is the actual Chameleonsvox line-up:
  • Mark Burgess - Voice & Bass guitar
  • John Lever - Drums
  • Chris Oliver - Guitars
  • Neil Dwerryhouse - Guitars
This is the setlist of the Donosti show:
01- Swamp Thing
02- A Person Isn´t Safe Anywhere These Days
03- Looking Inwardly
04- Monkeyland
05- Up The Down Escalator
06- Perfume Garden
07- One Flesh
08- In Answer
09- I´ll Remember
10- Soul In isolation
11- Singing Rule Britannia
12- Caution
13- Second Skin
14- The Fan & The Bellows
15- In Shreds
16- Don´t Fall

 More pics from this and other shows of ChameleonsVOX on this Picasa link

We recorded some vids of the show. Image and sound is audience recording quality, so it does not reflect the real experience, but still good vids. Hope you like them!




Oct 25, 2012

CHAMELEONSVOX Nov/Dec12 Europe Tour Dates

ChameleonsVOX will be performing some Live Shows in Europe during November/December 2012

Flyers of Toulouse Show. Supporters: April Fools
These are the already confirmed dates and venues which are published in the Facebook Evenet, Mark Burgess has created:

york-fibbers 16th nov
clitheroe-the grand 17th nov
barcelona-sidecar 20th nov
madrid-arena 21st nov
valencia-wah wah 22nd nov
majorca-teatre lloseta 23rd nov
san sebastian-intxaurrondo 24th nov
toulouse-la dynamo 26 nov
essen-zeche carl 30th nov
frankfurt-das bett 1st dec
berlin-magnet club 2nd dec
nl breda-mezz 3rd dec
rome-traffic club 7th dec
scandiano-coralla club 8th dec

manchester-sound control 15th dec

To be up-to-date, join the FB Event:

Sep 27, 2012


Andy Whitaker, formerly from Music for Aborigines, The Sun and The Moon and Weaveworld, has released a solo album, whose title is THINGS THAT HAPPENED ON EARTH.

The album also features Andy Clegg (also Music for Aborigines, The Sun and The Moon and Weaveworld), John Kolbeck (Messengers, Black Swan Lane), Steve WilsonJack Richard Sobel (Messengers, Black Swan Lane) on various instruments. The album is produced by Wanderland Music & Black Swan Lane.

An excerpt from Militant Milicent, one of the songs of the new album, can be listened to on the following web site:

The video of Your Car, another song of the album is also available in Youtube:

You can order the album on Wanderland Music Website:

According to Andy, the writing on this album happened organically and he had the title for the record from the onset.  ”This will be the record to leave behind when I’m gone.”  This is the album to send into outer space for other civilizations to get an account of what life was like on Earth.  Songs on the album delineate subjects such as The Suffragettes, The Dawn Of Man, Prostitutes, Religion, Love, Sex, Death and The Life of Andy.

The Album cover will be done by Photographer by Julie de Waroquier, who also did the covers by some Black Swane Lane albums.

A very interesting post by Jack Richard Sobel, in which he talks about this new album is available on